Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021


Kvet Nguyen (born Hoa Nguyen Thi, 1995) completed her master’s degree in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Her bachelor’s thesis got a second-place award at the World Biennial of Student Photography in 2019, and in the same year this work was exhibited at the fjúžn Festival. In 2018, she was a finalist in SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO in the category for students and young photographers under 26. She completed study stays at Plymouth College of Art in England and the prestigious Royal Academy of Art in Netherlands. Her works have been exhibited both in Slovakia – Soda Gallery (2021), Čepan Gallery (2021), OFF Festival (2017, 2020, 2021), in the Nitra Gallery (2020), in Banská Štiavnica (2020), in Artapiešťany (2020), and abroad – in the Netherlands as part of a collective exhibition (2020), in Prague in Karlín Studios (2021), in Poland in Galeria Promocyjna, Krakow (2017) and at the presentation of photo books in Poznań (2017), in France at LIVRE PARIS (2019), in Belgrade, Serbia at a group exhibition (2019).


Kvet Nguyen deals with the themes of otherness and identity not only in her art projects, but also tries to talk about it outright and open a discussion in interviews or other platforms. For example, in 2018, she prepared together with newspaper Denník N a report on the story of the Vietnamese in Slovakia, which was recently awarded a Journalist Award (Novinárska cena). Kvet Nguyen also collaborates with artists from other disciplines. Together with Kristína Uličná created the ADP project and subsequently the book ADP – a critique of the condition of boarding houses. The book was a finalist for the National Design Award in 2018 (Národná cena za dizajn). Together with Lucia Gamanová, Oleksandra Bakushina and Eva Takácsová, she founded civic association “päť a pól”, which is covered by the project VŠVU DIARY (DIÁR VŠVU). The aim of the civic association is to support young artists and thus also to support cultural awareness in Slovakia.





„Mutual otherness“ / SODA Gallery, Bratislava, SK (3.-27.8.)

„Archive of returns“ / ČEPAN Gallery, Trnava, SK (jún 2021)

„You are allowed to mix apples and pears here“ / POP-UP exhibitions, Pohoda on the Ground, Trenčín, SK


„Reframing possibilities“ / SODA Gallery online

„Reframing possibilties“ / Artapiešťany, Piešťany, SK

“Tu sa môžu miešať jablká a hrušky” / fjúžn festival, Art Café, Banská Štiavnica, SK

“Tu sa môžu miešať jablká a hrušky” / fjúžn festival, Onakô tattoo, Bratislava, SK


“memoryless, borderless, nameless space” / fjúžn festival, Kalab, Bratislava | SK

selection of GROUP exhibitions


“Archive of returns” / Exhibition The Earth beneath our feet / Zlín Youth Salon 2021, Regional gallery of fine arts in Zlín | CZ

“You are allowed to mix apples and pears here” / Exhibitions “Coexistence crisis“, Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava | SK

„a collective psyche“ / Exhibition „The Burn before the Burn-out: The Promethean False ,Promise“, Karlín Studio, Prague, | CZ 


“Reframing possibilities” / Exhibition “Safe, hidden”, Nitra gallery, Nitra | SK

“You are allowed to mix apples and pears here” / Exhibition “Mother Tongue”, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague | NL


“memoryless, borderless, nameless space” / World Biennial Exhibition of Student Photography | SRB

“fragility of being” / Kvaka 22, Belgrade | SRB 

Photobook ADP (in collaboration with designer K. Uličná) / LIVRE PARIS (book fair) | FR


“A citizen by fluke” / SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO, Bratislava | SK 

Publication “TRUST” (in collaboration with photographer A. Kurjaková and designer L.Gamanová) / fjúžn Festival, Bratislava | SK


Photobook “ADP” / OFF_FESTIVAL, Bratislava | SK 

Photobook “ADP” / Uniwesytet artistyczny w Poznaniu | PL 

selection of photographs / theprintspace, London | UK

“Decadent tradition” / Galeria Promocyjna ASP, Krakow | PL



“memoryless, borderless, nameless space” > World Biennial Exhibition of Student Photography | 2nd place

“DIAR VŠVU 2019” (in collaboration with designer Lucia Gamanová) > NATIONAL PRIZE FOR DESIGN | finalist


“A citizen by fluke” > SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO | finalist

Photobook ADP (v spolupráci s: Kristína Uličná)  > NATIONAL PRIZE FOR DESIGN | finalist

DIAR VŠVU 2018 (v spolupráci s: Lucia Gamanová) > NATIONAL PRIZE FOR DESIGN | finalist



dokumentmagazin.sk – online

MAGAZINE FOTO / F#40 – „A citizen by fluke“


FOTOGRAF MAGAZINE / Uneven ground (Open call) – „Reframing possibilities“ 

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