Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021

Breathing underwater by Eungyeong Lee

“I hope you can see Korea through me”. The collection Breathing underwater on nostalgia is a beautiful story made into clothing. Editorial for fashion designer EUNGYEONG LEE (LEN RI) based in the Netherlands.

This collection explores coming from a Korean background based on my own memories. I growing up in one of the most traditional cities in Korea and living in Europe for around 10 years. The collection portrays the personal exploration of the difficult notion of identity by three different kinds of memories. First ‘Habitual memory’, second ‘Cultural memory’, and third ‘Emotional memory’. The collection is divided into three different memories mentioned earlier. First of all, the collection made a silhouette by applying ‘hanbok(Korean traditional outfits)’ and ‘hanok(Korean traditional house)’ structure based on habitual memory. Furthermore, it expressed the incongruity of the process of finding identity in the prejudice of society that the cultural memory through the dismantling and re-combination of the structure of clothes. Finally, the emotional memory produced a form of cultural harmony between the East and the West, although still foreign, permeating naturally. The textiles are made up of Korean traditional materials, Novang (silk organza) and Hanji (eastern paper), which are mixed with suit fabrics to make the collection look richer. In addition, a fishing net was used to express a buffer interest connection of cultural conflicts.

models: @anak_jonah @simipimi_
clothing and design: @leeekgg
shoes: @nini.joo
styling: @yunjeicho @thisisyour_song


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