Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021

Fragility of being (2017)

The fragility of being is based on a group of outliers, people, who inwardly seem to be someone or something else than a human being. Thus, they are losing their social interaction with the ‘outside world: they are unable to sense their own existence, with no necessary feeling to fight for themselves, and are turning into something almost nonliving, uprooted, discarded, estranged. As Gregor Samsa (Franz Kafka), that felt the need to give up to the detriment of others, he de facto dehumanized himself and from the burden placed on his back, made himself become the burden.

Mechanical automation, extraordinarily kept regulation of a life of an individual, focusing on an uncertain future and most of all, scarce of space for personal development led to the creation of ‘alienation’. Voluntary sacrifice of life and living for a functioning mechanism or voluntary surrender of himself – to alienate oneself.


“A human being has got one unfair advantage. He cannot be in his own skin; he cannot rely on his own instincts. He is a creator, with magically moving hands and fingers, but simultaneously a cripple. He is shrouded into artificial bandages, called clothes; leans onto artificial crooks, called furniture. His mind is teased by the same doubtful thoughts of freedom and restrictions and the same time. He has the need to avert his mind off basic facts of his being, to hide them, as if he was standing eye-to-eye to some kind of higher option, that created a sacrament of shame.” (Slavoj Žižek)


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