Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021

Inner Space — jewellery collection by Simona Svitková

„How can an image, at times very unusual, appear to be a concentration of the entire psyche?“ is Gaston Bachelard’s question in the introduction of his book The Poetics of Space.

Through the prism of imagination, physical space is dialectic to our inner experience. Cloud of perceptions, ideas, affects and endeavours often difficult to grasp, can be understood and processed just by building upon the duality of matter in space and a matter experiencing within us. To focus and break out of chaos not only the process of creation and formation plays a role, but imagination and some experience of oneself through these created visual forms. Points, planes and lines are the allegories of the human psyche, diagrams of psychology. The expression of a continuous line, point concentration, surface expansion, their accumulation and combinations represent images of peace, relaxation, overload, concentrating or, on the contrary, not concentrating.

Jewellery collection “Inner Space” by Simona Svítková.


published at current obsession




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