Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
August, 2021

Is the edge of the world a place from which to speak the world? (2021)

The theoretical diploma thesis is a summary of the personal history of my family, migration, and subsequent integration into the Slovak environment. The text includes autobiographical as well as retrospective moments, especially from the period of my childhood, memories that my parents shared with me, and also essays where I reflect on the issue of otherness, which I perceived from an early age in Slovakia. While writing the thesis, I always had a kind of warning light in my head in the background, with which I realize how polarized the topic of people of other origins is.


supervisor Beata Jablonská & Jana Hojstričová

proofreader Beata Dömeová

graphic design Kristína Uličná

print Lukáš Latta (Bright)

bookbinding Andrea Kurjaková (rurozo)

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