Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021

Jewellery as something by Lucia Gamanová

Intensive collaboration with Lucia Gamanová. It all started with a jewellery collection editorial for designer, artist and friend Lucia Gamanová. She later developed the whole concept into an intuitive collaboration MATTER IN PLACE with performers.

“My jewellery objects are most often made of items found on the ground. It’s always a mystery, what will I find and what these objects were before they become disqualified material. In the words of Naďa Kančevová: “The passion of collecting and sorting various fragments of plastic and other unidentifiable fragments allows her to differentiate the way jewellery is perceived, by that she is changing the position, the definition and by that, a status of something that is unnoticeable, left on the edge. She presents the waste material, which she elevates as a piece of art. Found objects are not presented in their original form, there are redefined, rearranged…” The fitted magnet (as a non-standard join) allows these jewellery objects to be moved, connect, layered, putting them on the body in any number and in any place on the body.

Conception – Lucia Gamanová @_lucy.in.the.sky_
Camera – Jaroslav Ďurčovič
Postroduction – Jaroslav Ďurčovič @dzardo_
Sound recording – Henrieta Zezulová @henka.zezulka
Choreography of performance – Silvia Sviteková, Andrea Tušimová @pani.silviaaa @andreiinnoo
Performers – Silvia Sviteková, Andrea Tušimová @pani.silviaaa @andreiinnoo
Jewellery objects – Lucia Gamanová @_lucy.in.the.sky_
Photographer – Kvet Nguyen @kvetnguye

This performative record was created on April 21, 2021 in Nová Cvernovka @novacvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia. Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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