Kvet Nguyen
Slovak-vietnamese artist
November, 2021

Portrait of Čierne diery

Portrait of Čierne Diery – a civic association that aims to promote industrial architecture and forgotten places in Slovakia.

“Since 2014 Čierne diery have been devoting themselves to overlooked architectural works in Slovakia, from hundred-year-old factories and deserted spas to icons of modern architecture. Their books have been discovered by thousands of readers, their graphic prints have become a phenomenon in the Slovak National Gallery collection and proceeds from sales have helped communities in the areas of culture and charity work. The members of the civic association are: marketer Martin Lipták, journalist Andrej Sarvaš, urbanist Lívia Gažová, designer Michal Tornyai, architect Miroslav Beňák and historian Lukáš Patera.”

— see their amazing work on their website and instagram

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